Retirement Income

Little Business Wealth Advisors recognizes the simple adage "You work so you don't have to work." Put another way, most people work hard to provide for and to raise a family. You save and contribute to your retirement plans along the way so one day you don't have to work, and you retire with a comfortable lifestyle, travel and spoil the grandchildren. The biggest adjustment is that you are no longer working for money, but rather having money work for you.

It sounds deceptively simple. But the reality is there are some real concerns that we hear every day from our clients. The Market has been volatile the past decade with two precipitous drops. Couple that with inflation, especially the rising cost of health care, and there is a real fear that retirees might outlive their assets.

We fully understand your family's needs and goals during the Golden Years. That is why just having a "number" is not creating and executing an up-to-date formal retirement plan. A formal retirement plan will include:

  • Cash flow and current investment analysis
  • Review of all life, health and long term care insurances
  • Titling and beneficiaries of all accounts
  • Organizing and updating all your important financial documents (we will work with your Attorney and CPA to ensure implementation)

Our services also include timely communications to keep you informed of any events that might impact your retirement plan, and quarterly one-on-one meetings to review and make adjustments, if necessary.

The ultimate goal is to have steady cash flow from multiple sources to pay for your living expenses, a couple of liquid accounts to access whenever necessary, and just enough insurance to cover life's gotchas. And we can help every step of the way. Call us Today!